Working within the strictures of an existing space throws up its own unique challenges.

Whilst budget restricted the owners of Krugers from a total refurb of the interior of the bar, they did feel that massive improvements were there to be made by giving the lighting (and to a certain extent the decor) a long overdue facelift.

Mindful of both the budget and the loss of earnings from any major closure of the bar the suggested design hinged upon, wherever possible, utilising existing lighting positions, replacing the existing disparate fittings to create a unified aesthetic whilst defining specific areas.

Fittings were chosen to create a softer "classier" look and general ambience. Using diffused light in conjunction with a light ceiling to reflect light downwards avoiding the harsh glare of direct light.

For comparison the bottom two pictures on this page were taken at the initial design consultation, showing the pre-furbished lighting scheme.