If you were going to paint your house would you rely on the advice of a hardware store as to what colour to paint it ?

Gasoline Design is an independant lighting consultancy, we're not trying to sell you anything except tasteful, inspired and innovative lighting design, selecting the right fitting for the job and budget. we don't have a warehouse full of dodgy chinese downlighters we're trying to get rid of, and we won't try and palm you off with any fitting that isn't exactly right for the job.

We bring 20+ years experience in the entertainment lighting industry to the field of architectural lighting design, creating beautiful environments and ensuring any public areas that require certain light levels come up to BSI standards.

We have solid working relationships with every major lighting supplier in Ireland, including General Lighting Showrooms, for whom we have worked as design consultants on several major jobs..

A sample PDF of a lighting design proposal is available for download on the links page.

Light is integral to our very being, good lighting makes us feel better, happier and more at ease.

"Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light".

*Le Corbusier